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Original Text of: The Mayflower Compact, U.S. Declaration, Constitution & All Amendments.

The Rise and Fall of Constitutional Government in America 
An indispensable guide to understanding the principles of the American Founding,  
by Thomas G. West and Douglas A. Jeffrey

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To My Fellow American Patriots:
Are you sure the history being taught to your children is accurate?
Read and re-read the Declaration of Independence for yourself and your children.

The Principles
of U.S. Government are defined by our Declaration and limited only by the Constitution for a time.
s we continue to hear men who dream of  and pontificate about world order and government, remember this.
All Members of the Congress, Judicial Courts and Executive Branch of
 U.S. government are required under
solemn oath to their Creator and all Americans, 'To Assert, Enjoin and Defend' the 'Unalienable Rights' of the legal citizens of the United States of America, the rights endowed by our Creator.
Elected Officials and Employees are not empowered or permitted to set aside the principles, rights or laws to
make Americans subservient to
corporations, organizations or governments anywhere on or off of this earth.
There is no position allowed that supercedes the relationship between Americans and their Creator - not even
our beloved Constitution.
Government is only temporarily assigned the rights and powers of Americans to
protect these rights and to provide for the general good of the people. Americans do not have the right to enslave
fellow Americans or other peoples anywhere in the world. Government and politicians that conspire and endeavor
to do so have failed to
perform their sacred duties. To do so is to commit an impeachable or treasonable offense.
[ D.K. Wagner, 2011.10.19WE ]

The unanimous Declaration of Independence of the thirteen united States of America is the de facto Preamble and first page, the very Foundation of  The U.S. Constitution. Without strict adherence to the Declaration, the Constitution has been and will continue to be stripped of its powerful protection for every American.
Every day our government abridges, ignores and fails to sustain its charter to support the blessings of  God: Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

Americans of all ages, but especially the young are being deceived and even lied to about the importance of this Founding Document.
A 'Declaration' is a legal document. Our Declaration established the United States of America. More than a decade later, a Constitution was created that did not challenge that document; but rather assumed and was considered subservient and secondary to that Declaration and the Principles it defines.
Without the Declaration, the U.S. Constitution is open to bizarre interpretations by those who wish to destroy the basis of our representative Republican Government; yes even the very judges who swear to protect it!
Without our Declaration, America's Constitution will continue to be dismantled by morally corrupt and greedy
leaders from the global worlds of education, finance, governments and religions.
Most of the world's leaders and corporations have become corrupt and devious, and they care nothing about
protecting or defending the Constitutional guarantees of Americans. Instead, they seek to rewrite the truth into
nothing more than shadows that disappear and change daily with the wind.  
Happiness might be a pursuit, but freedom is a gift to man from our Creator God - not to be taken by other men
through political intrigue to gain a world that is not theirs. If Americans, old and new, fail to recognize the Creator
and Provider of life and freedom; how can we expect our Creator to sustain us from the constant war waged by other men to dominate and carry out the will of that great Deceiver and Destroyer of truth and liberty.
Without our Creator, our spiritually-based, democratic REPUBLIC will repeat the errors of the past and collapse
like all of the previous governments that came before. America must reaffirm her responsibilities as the protector of God given freedom for Americans and those that wish to respect others and live free.
There is no doubt that freedom for Americans is the last bastion of liberty for the world. The final war has begun and all must choose a side. Those who love God and the gift of  grace, have already chosen the winning side --
Patrick Henry
did. The generation of the fig tree is alive and the lines of battle are drawn !
[ D.K. Wagner, 2011.06.01WE ]

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Declaration of Independence  
Statehood By Date



Delaware Dec. 7, 1787
1 st
The first of the original 13 colonies.
Pennsylvania Dec. 12, 1787
2 nd
The second of the original 13 colonies.
New Jersey Dec. 18, 1787
3 rd
The third of the original 13 colonies.
Georgia Jan. 2, 1788
4 th
The fourth of the original 13 colonies
Connecticut Jan. 9, 1788
5 th
The fifth of the original 13 colonies.
Massachusetts Feb. 6, 1788
6 th
The sixth of the original 13 colonies
Maryland April 28, 1788
7 th
The seventh of the original 13 colonies.
South Carolina May 23, 1788
8 th
The eighth of the original 13 colonies.
New Hampshire June 21, 1788
9 th
The ninth of the original 13 colonies
Virginia June 25, 1788
10 th
The 10th of the original 13 colonies.
New York July 26, 1788
11 th
The 11th of the original 13 colonies.
North Carolina Nov. 21, 1789
12 th
The 12th of the original 13 colonies.
Rhode Island May 29, 1790
13 th
The 13th of the original 13 colonies.
Vermont March 4, 1791
14 th
Until statehood, had been a region claimed by both New York and New Hampshire
Kentucky June 1, 1792
15 th
Never a territory, it was part of Virginia until statehood.
Tennessee June 1, 1796
16 th
Was Southwest Territory before statehood.
Ohio March 1, 1803
17 th
Was part of the Northwest Territory until statehood.
Louisiana April 30, 1812
18 th
With certain boundary changes, had been the Territory of Orleans.
Indiana Dec. 11, 1816
19 th
There was a residue of Indiana Territory that continued to exist under that name until Dec. 3, 1818, when it was attached to Michigan Territory.
Mississippi Dec. 10, 1817
20 th
Territory by Act of April 7, 1798, effective May 7, 1798.
Illinois Dec. 3, 1818
21 st
Alabama Dec. 14, 1819
22 nd
Territory by Act of March 3, 1817, effective Aug. 15, 1817.
Maine March 15, 1820
23 rd
What is now the state of Maine was, before statehood, called the District of Maine and belonged to Massachusetts.
Missouri Aug. 10, 1821
24 th
The state was much smaller than the territory. The area to the west and northwest of the state, which had been in the territory, was commonly known as the "Missouri Country" until May 30, 1854, and certain of the post offices in this area show a Missouri abbreviation in the postmark.
Arkansas June 15, 1836
25 th
The territory was larger than the state. After statehood the leftover area to the west had post offices that continued for some years to use an Arkansas abbreviation in the postmarks, although they were really in the "Indian Country."
Michigan Jan. 26., 1837
26 th
Florida March 3, 1845
27 th
Texas Dec. 29, 1845
28 th
Was an independent republic before statehood.
Iowa Dec. 28, 1846
29 th
Wisconsin May 29, 1848
30 th
The state is smaller than the territory and the leftover area continued to be called the Territory of Wisconsin until March 3, 1849.
California Sept. 9, 1850
31 st
Ceded by Mexico by the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, concluded Feb. 2, 1848, and proclaimed July 4, 1848. From then until statehood, California had a military government until Dec. 20, 1849, and then a local civil government. It never had a territorial form of government.
Minnesota May 11, 1858
32 nd
Oregon Feb. 14, 1859
33 rd
Kansas Jan. 29, 1861
34 th
West Virginia June 20, 1863
35 th
Was part of Virginia until statehood.
Nevada Oct. 31, 1864
36 th
Nebraska March 1, 1867
37 th
Colorado Aug. 1, 1876
38 th
North Dakota Nov. 2, 1889
39 th or 40 th
Was part of Dakota Territory before statehood. Admitted on same day as South Dakota
South Dakota Nov. 2, 1889
39 th or 40 th
Was part of Dakota Territory before statehood. Admitted on same day as North Dakota
Montana Nov. 8, 1889
41 st
Washington Nov. 11, 1889
42 nd
Idaho July 3, 1890
43 rd
Wyoming July 10, 1890
44 th
Utah Jan. 4, 1896
45 th
Oklahoma Nov. 16, 1907
46 th
The state was formed from Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory.
New Mexico Jan. 6, 1912
Arizona Feb. 14, 1912
48 th
This region was sometimes called Arizona before 1863, although it was still in the Territory of New Mexico.
Alaska Jan. 3, 1959
49 th
A district from Oct. 18, 1867, until it became an organized territory Aug. 24, 1912.
Hawaii Aug. 21, 1959
50 th
The territorial date Aug. 12, 1898 is that of the formal transfer to the United States, with Sanford B. Dole as first Governor.